Terms of agreement

1. Shipping

Peninsula and Balearic Islands:

· Orders under 150€: 15€ shipping cost

· Orders between 150€ and 400€: 10€ shipping cost

· Orders over 400€: free shipping

· The remaining pending orders are automatically canceled.

Canary Islands:

· Orders under 800€ will be charged with 50€ in invoice.

· The remains of pending orders are automatically canceled.

2. Returns:

No returns will be accepted after 5 business days from the day of delivery. Please always check the merchandise before this deadline. Returns for quality reasons can be made 1 year after delivery to the end user. Returns related to the quality and performance issues will have to be documented with photos, serial number and invoice to the user.

In case of return that does not follow the company’s rules, 15€ will be charged separately for costs of management. In case of need of material collection the expenses will be charged directly to the client.

3. Follow on orders

Order extensions are not accepted once the original order was transmitted to the sales management department.

4. Transport

In case of incidence with the transport (broken boxes, packaging in poor condition) please seal the delivery note with the notion “merchandise to be reviewed”

5. Pending products

Pending items with a cost inferior to 50€ will be cancelled.

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