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The passion for good work is at the heart of our approach since 40 years.


Skill, curiosity and market listening have led us in the past to take an interest in wide-ranging activities. We have been precursors when it comes to sourcing; we have been developing advanced knowledge in the world of wood; we have been able to focus very soon on the trade liberalization of Europe; all these experiences have enriched our know-how and our life-skills.

LEMAN is nowadays an expert brand specialized in cutting tools for professionals of the construction industry: distribution partners (materials wholesalers, hardware stores, specialist shops) and end-users. Our DIY activity naturally complement our main offer.

We constantly listen to professionals in order to meet their specific needs and provide them with facilitating solutions: we can quickly meet their expectations thanks to efficient ranges, whatever the particular case that is been found, by proposing equipment for stationary and portable machines.

We have designed and developed the ideal selection of quality cutting tools for passionate professionals. Our products (cutting discs, circular saw blades, hole saws, diamond discs) are suitable for all kind of materials. We guarantee their reliability and make sure to offer the best quality/price ratio, in line with their interests: from the most specific needs to multi-functional solutions.

We want to preserve our entrepreneurial state of mind. With a human-sized organization, rooted in the heart of Europe. LEMAN combines high quality service (flexibility, reactivity) and openness (understanding of markets, anticipation of customer needs). We keep on improving and customizing the follow-up of our customers (timelines, after-sales service, online support).

Genuine partners of our distributors and end-users, we establish a special relationship, from professional to professional, in order to create a fully successful experience in line with their expectations and for all kind of construction works.

We share our values with our clients: proximity, expertise and quality. We have chosen to assert these values, this is our commitment: that is why our brand signature Workhard Workfine has become Passion & Perfection.

1976: Creation of the company TRANSOUTILLAGE by Mr. Dunand, with a strong engagements on the business of cutting solutions.

1981: Creation and launch of the carbide circular saw blades.

1983: Creation of the ISOC├łLE brand. It would quickly become a flagship for the sector of professional woodworkers.

1986: Launch of the Diamond Disc range.

1990: Creation of ISOSPAIN in Valencia, Spain.

1994: New sales departments are integrated in the company after a multi-client representation based approach.

2004: Purchase of the ABRAS company, Brussels.

2006: Creation of ALPEN TOOLS, Lithuania.

2008: Expansion of the administrative headquarters and logistic centre of operations, with a new storage capacity of 10.000 m┬▓.

2013: Merger of ABRAS, ISOC├łLE y REFLEX under the name of a main brand: LEMAN.

2018: New graphic identity illustrating our new nuestro nature and specialization: Cutting tools for construction professionals.

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